Make paintball part of your event to increase participation and inject energy and enthusiasm!  Your event is special and so are your needs.  Ask us if we how to spice up your event!


We Bring Paintball to You!!!!

Paintball can be played using bunkers, as shown above, or you can play woodsball.  We can discuss your options based on the playing area that is available to you.

We provide services that are similar to a stationary paintball field, only We Bring the Game to You!  We provide all the equipment that paintball fields supply, and we bring it to your location.  On-Call Paintball, LLC can provide a VIP, private event at a price that is competitive with paintball fields.  However, if you use On-Call Paintball, LLC, you save on travel expense, and  we provide all the necessary safety equipment: safety nets, goggles, chronographs, and tents.  We provide markers, paintballs, and bunkers in our speedball package.  We also provide the option to play woodsball.  All you need to supply is the players at your preferred location. The benefit of using our On-Call Paintball is our simplicity. We do all of the work, and you have all the fun!

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We come to your location, provide all necessary equipment and referee services, and provide great individualized service.  Compare our service with the expense and aggravation of transporting your group to a local field.  Our price is all inclusive!  No hidden fees.  Call or message us today for a quote!

We provide a netted area so that paintballs do not escape the area of play.  We also use  ecofriendly paintballs that wash away with rain or watering.  We provide all equipment, game management, and insurance.

We provide our services for summer camps, parties, corporate events, festivals/community activities, church and youth groups, and college campus activities.